Saturday, January 17, 2009

die schönste stadt der welt liegt an der 4 of 4 for today

1445 local time
IC 2375

i am on a train (surprise!!) back to lüneburg to see some things i missed yesterday. around 1330 yesterday, i got on a train from lüneburg to timmendorfer strand, a coastal commnity on the ostsee (baltic sea). it was FREEZING, but a trip to the beach, even a short, cold one, is always worth it. i got back to hamburg and met up with rachel after collecting my things from rikes, and rachel, nina (a friend of rachels), and i went to the miller bar (yes, thats miller, as in miller american beer) that is catty-corner from rachels apartment. it was a good night out with the girls--i really enjoyed it :) today was kind of a slow day (hence only heading to lüneburg at 1430). tonight i think some of dinos friends are coming over, so that should be fun. i am off to go see the kurpark, lindenstraße 22, and buy some stuff for home :)

things of note:

°bananenweizen. this is a hefeweizen mixed with banana juice. sounds weird but is soooooo good!! try it, youll see.

°its already almost dusk. and its only 245 pm...

°lüneburg is so beautiful. you should come visit the former german salt capital. its great!

°i was in a mad rush to buy everything i wanted before all the shops closed. everything is closed on sunday pretty much, so i didnt have an option. shocker, huh ;) i got almost everything i wanted. i will just have to make ang buy the rest and mail it to me when shes back. hehe.

°i had a mälzer pils and chilli foodman döner tüte (complete with pommes and everything) for dinner. just for jesse. :) it was soooooooooo good.

°i am caught up on my blog! whoop! and i go home the day after tomorrow. :)

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