Wednesday, December 31, 2008

everything is different about an american

recorded on 30.12.2008 @910 local time. amsterdam airport.

i am sitting at gate B23 waiting for my connection from amsterdam to hamburg.  as i left the restroom, having just brushed my teeth & applying mascara, i thought of one comment an acquaintance made to me about 2 weeks before i left lüneburg in may, 2006...i had just received the funniest mail from kyle maxwell.  i laughed in my room and went downstairs to the tea we were having and the british girl said she knew it was me because she recognized the american laugh.  it has been three years since i was last here and i hope i am ready to be selected on sight as an american more often than the last time i was here...30 minutes until go time.

things of note thus far:

--airplane andrew:  a guy from scotland whose parents moved to the woodlands and who goes to school across from where jk rowling lives. and he thinks its no big deal. and he says that everyone knows everyone because scotland is such a small country. and hes from montrose...not the gay district in houston. ha.

--airport americans:  this young family was en route to luxembourg from d.c., and they noticed that their sons passport was not validated. and the man at customs was not very friendly. and they use the word 'foreigner' in such a fashion that they, with only that word, exclude themselves from others who might be persons of suspect.

lieben grüße aus berlin!