Sunday, December 26, 2004

we even made a preamble!

so it's Christmas night and i am in waco, texas. whoop? maybe im talking to gracie right now and we got on the subject of cars and i started talking about the constitution i used to have for my car. man, those were the days (me) much simpler, too!

i am also talking to emery right now and we're talking about summer conference and how much fun that will undoubtedly be. man oh man i wish it was sooner than the end of may!

i got some cool stuff for Christmas...and tomorrow my mom and i are driving out to atlanta, georgia, so that could be neat. maybe i will get to read my book about mormons now. we'll see. i have to think about stuff for to ask my dad for Christmas...divorced parents only complicate things. seriously for real. ummmmm what else. OH! so it seems as though there was what we will call a no snow hole in texas weather this winter break. it snowed everywhere in every direction except for basically a 100-mile block straight up 35. it even snowed in BROWNSVILLE (read mexico), where they have honestly not had snow since 1899! 105 (whoop!) years! are you KIDDING ME!?!?!?!? oh well.

okay im going to go do something (riiiight)!

**the only thing what stinks about this title game im playing is that i am not at my normal computer so when something comes up as a good title, i have to blog right then! argh!

Friday, December 24, 2004

i'm an intellecual behmoth...

this color looks like cranberry, burgundy's ugly sister. oh well for now, me guesses.

now for my first real post! whoop!

so today i was eating lunch (ben v.) with my mom's friends and their families and during the actual eating part of the afternoon, i was shocked, nay dumbfounded and aghast! to find that there i was, sitting in a room, enjoying the company of my mother, her best friend, the hostess, and the hostess's mother. then it hit me...

"can this really be happening?" i thought. "i don't have children, i am one of the children at this function!" alas, and alack i was faced with the horror every girl is likely to one day experience (and i hope without its being blatantly overt).

i was quite disappointed today to realize that i have somehow, unknowingly, joined the ranks with the adult women. *feel free to shriek in anguish, i know i did in my head* so that was my Christmas eve-- sad. shattered. stupefied.

the intro

so here's the introductory post, just so's you may become better acquainted with the way (i hope) this thing will work...

  1. the title will come from a random thing naturally produced in conversation, verbal or other. the name of the speaker will randomly appear in ( ) somewhere in the post (here's hoping i remember to do that...).
  2. the only way people are going to find out about this is if i tell 'em the link, so please don't tell people without asking me first. sure, they can read a funny tid-bit, but the buck stops there.
  3. please note the description of said blog, if you have any questions.
  4. the word, "scheinen," which appears as your router to my blog, is (yup, you guessed it!) german for "to seem, appear." it is pronounced: shy*nin. (the archives are in german, but think about it and i am certain you'll figure it probably didn't get into college on your looks alone! ;-)
  5. the only words you're likely to see capitalized are Jesus, God, Christ(mas), and anything what might be included therein. let me know if you're curious about this one....

all good things come in odd numbers, especially '05 :-D