Friday, March 11, 2005

wow. a fat woman on a motorcycle.

well, its been forever since ive posted on here, and this is mostly for the enjoyment of one tiffany orton...apparently im a funny writer. the logic is that if most people write how they speak, and i am a funny writer, the syllogism is that i must be funny...YES!!! watch out erma bombeck...

i cannot get this font to be right! argh!
well, tonight i leave for dallas, from which i will leave for pittsburgh for ASC spring mission trip. that should be pretty neat. i have never spent much time (read: ANY) in PA, so this should be interesting. i only know one of the girls im going with very well, so this could get interesting.

what else, what else...ummmm, shindig was last weekend. thats asc's annual (gracie) date party. that was interesting. i took thomas, it was a good time. at least i thought so. what else, what else.

i was being pensive ("damn, i was going for thoughtful!"--name the movie you get a smile) today and while talking to a friend i made in a class last week i thought about the tragedy that is the "class-made friend." you all know what im talking about here. its those people you end up sitting by in class and having a BALL talking to and causing a ruckus and you think to yourself "self, this person is cool, yall should be friends," and so you proceed to become more involved in each others' lives, having a common bond of hating the teacher, the girl with the weird hats who sits in front of you, the boy whose hair is NEVER combed, usw. Then the semester ends and you have the minor crisis of "Oh no, this feels like camp all those years ago when i made such great friends with the girls in my cabin and i thought we'd be friends forever and i dont even remember their names!" and you convince yourself that this time it will be different. it MUST be different. this is a friend for life. you start imagining her in the bridesmaids dress you imagine for your wedding to the man you have yet to meet...

then the inevitable happens: you talk a few times after the class is over, reminiscing the grand times shared there, and then you realize, "wait, i really have nothing to talk about with this girl," but the precedent of conversing when spotted is already set and now your life is suddenly awash with awkward pauses. you wish you could penetrate the wall of real friendship issues with this girl but you realize that there was really nothing there, save the rendesvous of mutually, silently, harrassing the characters in your class. WHAT WERE YOU DOING all that time?!?! is it possible that, in the 12-14 weeks you spoke no substance to this girl, whatsoever? how terribly tragic and shallow. but now theres the awkward friend, coming up the sidewalk.

maybe she wont notice you. youll look at the ground or pretend to be amazingly engrossed with something which has just caught your eye across the street. shes still in your peripheral. she notices you. you notice that. you keep pretending to be wrapped up in your world and there she goes "HEY! how are you doing?" and you wish you were already late for class. you stop, talk, and 05 (whoop) excruciating minutes later, you depart her company. another encounter with the "class-made friend."

im having lunch the week after spring break with my friend, katharine, and i love her to pieces. we met in rdng465. bonded over a mutual hate for the teacher, one of the annoying girls in front of us...i pondered the state of our friendship, and i hope against hope that she is more than my "class-made friend..."