Saturday, January 17, 2009

its a 'get caught up on your blog' sort of day: post 3 of 4

2320 local time
ahornweg 2, lüneburg

a lot has happened since i wrote a journal entry last! i got to germany well yesterday, but i had to come straight to hamburg because jessi was too sick for guests :( so, i got to hamburg and was supposed to meet rike later to go to her apartment after she got off work. because i had so much time, i hopped on the metronom express (a regional train) to lüneburg! when i got there, i didnt know what to expect. it was great!! unfortunately, i had to refrain from doing too much because i plan to return on saturday with rachel :) eventually, i headed back to hamburg because i was supposed to meet rike and her friend, hannah, at the theatre at 715 and i didnt exactly know how to get there. i found it, eventually, and had time to kill, so i did some window shopping--there is some nice stuff out there! i met rike and we went to the show, a play called 'das letzte feuer'. it was dark, but was raw and displayed the characters openly and well. after the play, rike and i got my things out of the lockers at the train station (you didnt think i had them with me all day, did you??) and headed, finally, to her apartment. she is cat-sitting probably the gentlest, sweetest cat in the whole world (i know, krista, i know), valentin. he is SOOO cute and sweet!! eventually, we all went to sleep...i got up this morning with a nagging bit of a headache. grrr...

i played around on the internet for a while and called meike to see about coming to visit today. she said that was fine, so i started working that way. when i finally left rikes, i forgot to bring my advil...and in germany, you have to go to the pharmacy to get any kind of medicine, which seems unnecessary to me, but whatev...

i got on the metronom and headed back to lüneburg to visit the martins and meet the little madita. when i arrived, i was warmly greeted and given tea, and meike and i just sort of spent the evening chatting about a lot of different things, eating dinner, and enjoying the company until daniel got home. it was great to get to be here with the martins this evening! because the last bus leaves so early and i didnt want to come home to rikes too late (and because i wanted to!), i spent the night at daniel and meikes. they are so kind, and my spirit is done well to be in their presence. loverly :)

things of note:

°madita is SO cute!!

°the germans use the word 'apotheke', which actually translates not to pharmacy, as they have written, but to apothecary. doesnt that sound a little intense for some ibuprofen? romeo and juliet, anyone?? ;)

°rednecks and hillbillies are fun to talk about with people from all over the world, right rike? ha. :)

°starbucks. i went to one today and i ordered and the guy, recognizing my accent, i suppose, switched to english. annoying! so, i answered his english question in german and he looked like he was really embarrassed. and i wasnt upset by that ;)

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