Sunday, November 12, 2006

im going back to west ber-germany!

so, its been AGES, quite literally. i went on that study abroad and had an extraordinary time. i learned so much and met so many people and will (hopefully) never ever be the same. the summer was fine, and i didnt get much done. i started student teaching this semester and have 7 school days to completion. i can hardly wait. the main (tim) reason for this post is, i suppose, to get myself back in the habit of writing. i will do my best to put up the marathon emails i wrote back to the states whilst in germany. you can expect them almost weekly, maybe more often, and im told theyre funny. until then, however, a link to my pictures online:

and some random writings from recent days...

because i dont want to believe...

...that i am isolated,
...that my thoughts are original,
...that people dont change,

i write.

stupid in three shorts.

stupid is
a funny word
that varies in context
describing nouns and actions
poignant, at times,
painstaking and poignant and

stupid is how i feel everytime i believe things will change. they dont.
stupid is how i look everytime i believe something. its false.
stupid is how i act everytime i allow myself to desire. it will backfire.
stupid is how i live everytime.

Usurp themselves, making
Insipid, yet ardent, and