Saturday, August 23, 2008

i am the least athletic person you will ever meet

so today is 23.august. crazy. where did today, where this this summer go? 

so im watching the olympics, but more importantly discussing the olympics.  its (kevin) strange to me how things are falling out this year.  the medal race is closer than usual, with competitors who arent the usual suspects.  strange.  so, this years olympics makes it seem like four years ago was a LONG time ago.  can it really be that only in 2004 the playing field seemed so level?

what is the worlds outcry?  steroids!  those guys MUST be doping!!  call in the hounds!!  test them again!!!  

so, this is the fallout of the mitchell report. red scare, anyone?

i am uncertain whether steroid paranoia is running rampant in the rest of the world, but america needs to tone it down.  how long will athletes have to worry that their super-performance is challenged by skeptics?  should athletes need to worry that they will be blacklisted for participating in sports where others have turned in dirty tests? 

lets send them all out.  elba for all who are in any way associated with anyone who has ever thought about doping.  joseph mccarthy has a new name, george mitchell.  

i hope that people will let this fall soon enough.  maybe the athletes are doping.  maybe they arent--probably they arent.  the fact of the matter is that they are still talented.  they are still better than most of the world population at very finely-tuned skills.  they are world-class athletes, and that will not change.  

i played water polo.  i was better than a lot of people.  am i a user, as well?