Tuesday, January 6, 2009

one more short burst, then this week later...

1748 local time
EC 83

i am on my way to verona, where i will change trains to get to padova...seems like a lot of shakespeare, doesnt it? so the majority of this train is italians (at least my car) and MAN if they arent annoyingly loud (sorry if you read this, dino, but i consider you german). it is an interesting contrast to being on an all-germans (well, mostly) train. those are, more often than not, SILENT...unless there is a group of old ladies...young families...teenagers...american exchange students...but even if these groups are present, the rest of the train is quiet. these young italians make me wonder:

~are all italians 12 years old until they are 35?

~am i going to like italy?

i am doing my best to hold off on judgement though...

as we entered the alps, i put my ipod on shuffle and, with few exceptions, have gotten GREAT thinking, traveling, being quietly in awe songs. especially good were the first bunch, so i will share an "alps travel playlist" at the end of this...

in munich, i saw the glockenspiel, FINALLY!! it was sooooo cool and i was not disappointed at all. i took a video on my camera, but you will have to wait for that later because i didnt bring my connection cord.

thats all for now, short as promised!

things of note:

~glockenspiel. heard about this since high school german. missed it last time i was in munich. totally worth seeing.

~playlist for traveling in the german/austrian alps (listen to it--im sure youll be able to imagine what i mean):

1. long december. the counting crows
2. wild one. faith hill
3. the sound of music. the sound of music soundtrack (the ones with the kids singing the first time their father sings for them.)
4. band a drum. jon bon jovi (young guns 2 soundtrack)
5. beautiful disaster. jon mclaughlin
6. kathys song. simon & garfunkel
7. bedtime (instrumental). the little mermaid soundtrack
8. the one i love. greg laswell
9. tell her about it. billy joel

liebe grüße aus...somewhere in austria

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