Tuesday, January 6, 2009

everything in its own time

0750 local time
ICE 1503 toward munich

yesterday, i decided to travel to italy!! but, i had a few problems trying to plan my trip. i really feel like italy doesnt want to be my friend.

i am currently (as i wrote this, not typed it...i hope yall realize that thats whats going on here...) in ANOTHER train, from which i will disboard in naumburg. then, i have about 30 minutes to get a reservation for the train to padova (where thomas lives) from munich. i hope soooooo much that it works, but well see. i got up at 5 in my hostel in leipzig so that i wouldnt be late for the 6:01 train to naumburg. right now, everything is lining up for me to get to the station with enough time to figure something out...i hope it keeps going well today!!

actually, i got up at 4:37 because i had a really bizarre nightmare. it was so unpleasant that i almost cried and had to call my mom when i woke up :( i have had this dream before, but with a different beginning and not as many details...neither one had an ending either...boo.

location change!! but still on a train, just a different one. ;)

right now, the sun has almost come up and many small trains are still asleep--a very romantic picture from the german alps.

alright: 1045, 3.1.09, ICE 925 to munich.

okay, so. when i got to naumburg, i went directly to the travel center to make my seat reservation. the line was almost too long to stand in because i had to catch a train at 1002, but i knew that this line would be shorter than the one i would find in munich. unfortunately, both trains that i had found options for were full...i almost freaked out on the lady, and she finally found a connection for me. it leaves munich at 330 and gets to padova around 10...a REALLY long day (around 16 hours of travel time!), but thats how it goes sometimes, right (does it seem, to anyone else, that i have been saying that a lot lately)?

so, i am currently...on a train!! shocking, right? ;) i am on the way to munich and am listening to my ipod because the people across from me are arguing. sa-weet.

tonight, i will be in italy!! in munich, i have a little time, so i think i am going to put my things in a locker at the train station and go to marienplatz to see the glockenspiel and get to a computer to email thomas (i was going to put this on the blog then, too, but that obviously didnt work). when i write again, i will be in italy...and hopefully a little shorter for words :)

liebe grüße aus die züge :)

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