Thursday, January 8, 2009

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2355, local time
trippstadt, germany

well, i finally made it to mannheim and met up with weilun, whom i havent seen in about 5 years. what a blessing that he was willing to host me and make me so comfortable! he picked me up in mannheim and we headed to trippstadt, where he lives. when we got there, he reheated some homemade chicken pot pie casserole and we had a tasty dinner. he let me use his computer (which i am using right now, actually) and phone and i was up until about 230 this morning talking to my parents and that. i got up this morning at 630 and when weilun went to work, i went back to sleep until around noon. i got up, made more travel plans for tomorrow and went for a small hike through town. the hike was nice and i got warmed up so i unzipped my jacket for part of it, and the locals all looked at me like i had lost my mind since the high here was around 25 F. when i returned, i made a few phone calls and travel plans to go to finland (!) to meet marias twins!! :) :) so, tomorrow, i am going to bremen to hang out with jessica and on sunday, i will travel to turku, finland. i will return on wednesday and will be in the greater hamburg area until i go home. at the same time i cant believe i only have a week left, i am excited to get home and be in one place :)

this evening, weilun and i went into kaiserslautern (k-town) for dinner, and, in the end, he was wow'ed with my german skills, though he was a little uncertain for a bit. he also decided i would make a terrible spy.

when we got back to trippstadt at around 9 pm, it was already only 11 F. awesome.

things of note:

~i REALLY REALLY like sleeping.

~i am going to finland this weekend!!

~weilun is SUCH an awesome guy and friend!

liebe grüße aus trippstadt

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