Tuesday, January 13, 2009

i like silly things

2354 local time

today, jessi and i woke up slowly, ate breakfast, and headed to bremen to spend the day. before we left her house, though, jessi got a phone call from her friend, elke, who asked if we wanted to stay at her apartment tonight because she lives a lot closer to the airport and we have to be there by 0530 tomorrow. we said we would stay with her and made plans to go to the ueberseemuseum with her and eventually also go to a movie. before we met her for the museum, we went to the bank, i put more credit on my phone, and ate lunch at a doener place--finally! when we got to the museum, they had a special exhibit on sitting bull and the americas...cool :) after the museum, we went to starbucks to kill time before the movie. i was VERY excited to go to the movie because it was my first time to see a film in germany...we saw 1 1/2 ritter (one and a half knights), a german film by a comedian, til schweiger, and his friends. i bought a coke and popcorn (because i could, thanks laura and sarah...). the movie was very funny and nice to watch. afterward, we went to elkes and had some nightcaps, of sorts. tomorrow, we are getting up at 5 so that i can make my flight to finland. today was a very nice day. :)

things of note:

~NKOTB was in the movie!! and it was really them, not just a stand-in group!!

~they have student discounts at their movie theatres, too...WHOOP!

~in german movie theatres, there are assigned seats.

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