Thursday, January 1, 2009

berlin ist mein liebhaber

00:45 local time
birkenstraße 13 b, berlin

so i got back from the party at sophies around 530 or 545.  then, i slept until about 3.  i played around on the computer until around 7 and then i ventured out to cancel my hotel for tonight in person and make sure that there was no additional charge for a 'no show.'  that was interesting to try to find on my own...and i did it all by myself!  ;)  when i was heading back, i decided to try to find something to eat at the main train station (everything was as sleepy as promised).  on the way, i helped someone find his correct subway line. ha.  when i got to the train station, i bought a new prepaid cell phone because i am certain that it will make traveling sooooo much easier since everyone is basically telling me 'oh just give me a call when you get here and/or if you need help!'

the number is:  0049 0176 54 84 62 42.  try it, see if it works...i get texts, too ;)  just make sure you get a parents help first because it could get costly. haha.

after that, i went to mcdonalds for fun.  they are having the monopoly game and they have very funny names for the streets (for example, theatre street or goethe street).  hahaha.  but the happy meal toys are german versions of boardgames such as battleship and hungry, hungry hippos, so i might have to go back because that is AWESOME!!  super great toys!!

the party last night was very fun.  there were about 15 people in attendance and everyone was very nice.  we went, at about 1130, to the river to watch fireworks.  it was THE COOLEST.  they have sparklers (zauberkerzen (magic candles)) that are about three feet long!!  sa-weet!  the coolest thing, though, was the fact that the river was frozen, so when the others who came shoet their bottle rockets horizontally, they glided across the water, or skipped across the ice when they were shot 'into the river'.  

at midnight, there were great fireworks to see over the city of potsdam.  enchanting.  we hugged, said happy new year, and passed around some bottles of champagne.  great fun.  :)  then, we went back, had a white elephant party (of sorts...they use dice to control the gift giving order.  very interesting.  way better), ate jelly donuts (berliners), and danced the night away.  

what a unique start to a new year!!  God is absolutely taking care of me while i am here and it is a good refresher course in how to be an independent person but still have to be dependent on God to get through the randomness of life.

things of note:

°our cultures are so different, but so the same.  new years parties.  storytelling games.  being with friends.  

°days pass VERY quickly when you sleep until 3pm. especially when youre already seven hours ahead!

°tomorrow i am going on a walking tour of berlin and then heading to leipzig where i will spend the night and head to weimar to meet thomas!

lieben grüße aus berlin...dein sarah

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Lane said...

For how long will you be in Germany? I enjoyed reading today's post.