Monday, January 24, 2005

if you asked yourself out, would you say yes?

so today was kinda cool. this is the first sunday of the 05A semester (spring 05 to you non-aggies). i had to go to early service at church this morning which is NOT fun, mainly because its at 8. boooooooo. oh well. (me, like all week) today the convertino bridal party decided to try its hand at bridesmaid dress shopping. again. on mlk last week, we tried to go, but were deterred, so we rescheduled for today. we were really starting to believe that maybe we were meant to be wearing sackcloths because attempt 2 was nearly as are the highlights:

after we got on 290 to houston, we stop for gas. literally 5 minutes later, laura calls "my tire is flat. something poked a 1" square hole in it." we double back (thank goodness we took two cars!), and find that sarah (calberg) had already gotten the jack out and in place, the hubcap off, and had begun loosening the lugnuts by the time we got there. should be no problem, just jack up the car, right? wrong. the tire wont come off. we kick it, call as many boys as we can, beat the thing with a tire iron. no success. meanwhile, we 5 girls are trying to get ANYONE to stop to help us. we call the help number on the back of the dl, only to find that apparently the stupid woman was the only one who could come in on sunday. i spell the name of the nearest exit to her 5 times, repeat our location as many, and finally she says shell dispatch a trooper. so we are excited that someone is coming, and then FINALLY a person pulls over to help.

we are so excited that we literally jump for joy and yell with glee. wish i could say i was kidding here, but im not. we proceed to celebrate our victory over the non-chivalrous times in which we live as the guy gets out of his truck. we explain the situation to him, and he gets a hammer and bangs the heck outta the rim, releases a bit of rust, and off the tire comes. yay! (lets pause here for a prayer for danny, our helper today, and for God's faithfulness) we leave the car in waller and were on our way once more.

next, we come to the 290/610 interchange. an accident. it apparently was a pretty bad one; it wasnt even until about 2-3 miles past the interchange we were stopped 2-3 miles before. we inch through the traffic (think of the opening scene of "office space"), accompanied by quite a bit of shouting. finally we get through and arrive at our destination. our trip that should have taken 1'45" took 3. ARGH!!!

so now were at davids bridal and looking for dresses. the pickings were sparse, and NOTHING was in my size. the lady had to go dig around in the back for random pairings of what i needed. that sucked. but i did wear one of the skirts as a dress for about 20 minutes. ill bet i showed everyone that i am a senior in college today. haha, yay for 60's throw-backs! whoop!

eventually they get the stuff i need, and i try it on, it looks decent, we leave. i am wearing pink for the wedding this summer. go to click on the "bridesmaids" link. when that expands, click on "make a match". it will take you to a new page, and you should click on the outfit on the fourth girl (who wears a yellow top and striped skirt). that in yellow is half of the partys dress, and krissy and i will have the same skirt, and the same top style, just in "pink blush". (or you could have just clicked on the title and change the top color to pink blush.....ahahahahahahahaha)

okay lets see...what else, what else...

i spent saturday (22.1.05) in houston at an ultimate frisbee clinic. it was fun. exhausting, but fun. i got a lot of bruises from catching. maybe i need more iron in my diet. bummer. you should check out ultimate frisbee. its way fun. you can find links to pods of players in your area there by clicking the "where to play" link. okay i guess thats about it for now. hope i could entertain you for a while, whomever you are who is reading this. (yay for indirect/direct objects, just thought id point out some grammar to you guys) nighters and much love!


ps--my friend, katie brownfield, is in a coma...would you please pray for her? thanks a million, ill keep you posted (aaaaaaaah, how i love the puns! love! the! puns!)

pps--the idiots/jerks/donkeys/(fill in negative adjective pertaining to annoying people here) honest to goodness just started playing their bass guitar(s) with the amp ON at 1 am. dang, theyre jerks. we never complain about the noise (and sometimes its REALLY bad), but gosh! 1 am? that stinks! boo for 900A camellia ct. boooooooooo.

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Sarah, I'm bored. I need a good laugh. And your writing is hilarious. So please update. I don't for much...but i'm asking for an update!