Friday, December 24, 2004

i'm an intellecual behmoth...

this color looks like cranberry, burgundy's ugly sister. oh well for now, me guesses.

now for my first real post! whoop!

so today i was eating lunch (ben v.) with my mom's friends and their families and during the actual eating part of the afternoon, i was shocked, nay dumbfounded and aghast! to find that there i was, sitting in a room, enjoying the company of my mother, her best friend, the hostess, and the hostess's mother. then it hit me...

"can this really be happening?" i thought. "i don't have children, i am one of the children at this function!" alas, and alack i was faced with the horror every girl is likely to one day experience (and i hope without its being blatantly overt).

i was quite disappointed today to realize that i have somehow, unknowingly, joined the ranks with the adult women. *feel free to shriek in anguish, i know i did in my head* so that was my Christmas eve-- sad. shattered. stupefied.

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