Monday, August 1, 2005

if there's spring break in law school, you should come to germany...

well, its been a fast and furious time since my last post, and here you get your frist non-quote title. stand up and take notice! :-)

lets see...what has happened since april...

in may, school ended well (3.8 for the semester), summer conference was a fun time. i really enjoyed getting to meet so many great people from different parts of the south and southwest...UPA collegiate nationals in corvallis, oregon was AMAZING, and SkyU! built stronger friendships and met a host of new people. here are the websites for both SkyU! and UPA, respectively: and

june was a blur of weddings and brithdays. laura and ben got married on 11 june, and i got to be the maid of honor (it was awesome!). 4 june was jen and ethan, lydia and dan, and ryan and mackenzie. 18 june was karla and justin. it was a lot of traveling, but also a lot of watching God work. :-) i turned 22, uneventfully. i also stopped talking to a few people, having decided that being used sucked. i reaffirmed my friendship with one krista jeanne, and i read the entire chronicles of narnia series. that being said, i really REALLY hate it when people make it seem like reading seven books in a month is no big deal. while the books are aimed at a younger audience and thus on a lower reading level, some people just read slowly, and everyone should just back off! ARGH!

july turned out to be a much more subdued month, overall. my grandmother turned 82 on bastille day (figure it out) and was diagnosed with inoperable liver cancer :-( on a lighter note, i found the study abroad program i think i want to do. whoop! God willing, i will be going to study in lüneburg, germany for 01/06-05/06...where i will undoubtedly freeze everyday for three months. apparently lüneburg is ca. 30 minutes south of hamburg, which is fairly close to the north sea (boooooooooo). i suppose it wont be too bad, but i really really hate sweaters, so that could pose a problem. guess being warm-natured might pay off for once. :-)

30 july ended the summer wedding season for me. it was a beautiful wedding in ft. worth, and it joined the burton and wiesinger families. i met wonderful people and had a few awkward moments, but it was a good time. :-) i procured a "date" out of the wonderful grant (thanks) and had lovely conversation with dr. and mrs. bill welch of the a&m hort department. i am so grateful that i was able to meet these people.

a few random things from the summer:
  • my eldest sister, susan, is having TWINS! WEIRD!
  • faith and dave are having a girl, emily grace. for all you ruf'ers out there (boys and girls alike), we are going to have a diapers and bottles/pacifiers/onesies party for them, as this is their first child, and what college students really have a lot of money for a kid, really? more info is to come, but it is fairly concretely planned for a couple of hours on the evening of 8 september. YAY! (yes, we are aware that its a R, but its better that than have to cut into peoples weekends and such (and you will still be finished early enough to go out, if you so choose)).
  • the freshman football players are a trip. and a few of them have horrid manners. youre up-to-date (though im sure that you all stopped checking this AGES ago). i hope to post more frequently, though i offer no promises. and to start august:

1 august--> i officially applied to USAC for my study abroad program. yay! :-D if you want info on it, heres a link: feel free to give me money so's i can afford it!


southcutt said...

Climate aside, that study abroad sounds freakin' awesome!

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